sabato 7 agosto 2010

Letting China sink in your life ... looking at the future

Here you are: some of you back in Italy, others around China.
Lots of memories and of experiences accumulated over the summer school.
I still remember my first time to China: I felt overcome by the differences, by what I did not understand.
That's was the beginning of my thoughts about the summer schools program: offering opportunities to young people to understand what the world is about...
I feel very lucky to have found a group of friends who have helped me a lot in this journey: Roberto, Paolo, Paolo, Dario, Mària, Mattia, Raffaella. They have taught me a lot and I am very thankful to all of them.
I really hope that you will consider these two weeks in ChongQing as the beginning of a new journey. In this direction, we have started looking for opportunities for those of you who would like to do more in China, both in the profit and in the non-profit sectors. Some stages can be arranged. You can contact us in September in order to discuss these issues.
Have a good summer!
Fabio Corno

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