martedì 20 luglio 2010

Sunday,18th July 2010

And finally on the 16th of July we take the plane to Chongqing...

First of all this means at least 24 hours of flight with 6 hours of jetlag.

We had the luckiest arrival in CQ without any trouble; someone else had problems with the baggage or delay in their flights. However the majority of the team arrived to the campus on Saturday afternoon.

Rooms are very wide and comfortable; if something (shower, internet connection) doesn’t work immediately there is a very simple solution: let’s move to another room. Good luck!

After a small break and a shower, we’re ready to discover China: the curiosity of taking a first look of the city overcomes sleep and tiredness. Our magnificent tutors are waiting for us in the main square of our district: Three Gorges Square, that will become our meeting point (exactly next to Starbucks).

First meal in China: sushi bar.

Yes, this may sound weird, but we suggest you to try this wonderful buffet before any comment!

After avoiding any possibility of starving we need to organize ourselves in order to buy the bare minimum: water, towels, glasses and so on.

The supermarket is simply Chinese… it means every kind of everything, with thousands of Chinese people gazing at you like an alien.

As soon as we come out of the store, we learn an amazing thing: if in CQ the weather is windy, it means that it will be rain. Good luck twice.

On Sunday morning we are ready at 11 o’clock, and we start the day with a lunch in Mattia Bellomi’s favorite place: a tiny but tasty restaurant that serves every kind of noodles or rice. In the end the owner is very happy when receives 100 RMB (about 12 €) feeding 16 people! Good boy!

In the afternoon we wonder in the center between a wonderful library and an messy electronic store in which you could find anything you’re looking for. In fact we didn’t find anything!

The dinner takes place in the main center of CQ, a typical Asian-like city-center: skyscrapers, towers, malls, lights, advertisement, crowd. The most representative monument of the city is a column that represents the resistance against Japanese army. The clock at the top is sponsorized by Rolex: contemporary China!

After a Lavazza break (the only Italian oasis in a 35-million-people city) and half an hour of taxi (taxi drivers shouldn’t have the driving license) finally we’re home. Our new home.

Today we start our Cinese Summer School!

Francesca e Lorenzo

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