martedì 20 luglio 2010

Tuesday, 20th July 2010

Hurry up! The bus driver is angry because we are too late. We had to be there at 8 and is already 8.10!!!
Today is hotter than the previous days and, as usual, the sky is of un uncertain grey. We start to get used to it!
The first lecture in the morning with Professor Chen Yu, by now our friend, is about the relationship between national Government and the local authorities. Even without our beloved coffee, we managed to pay attention all time: the topic was very interesting.
Even more interesting was listening how the teacher explained his point of view about Chinese political situation; he clearly specified that he was telling us just the facts and judging was our task!
Before starting the second lecture, we had a wonderful coffee offered by our best Italo-Chinese friend Mattia.
Professor Pang Longming discussed about the principles of Confucianism and the bases of Chinese philosophy.
The new adventure of the day was the University Canteen; even the easiest thing is difficult there because of language barriers, but thanks to our Chinese classmates, we finally managed to order the lunch…

After the lecture concerning banking, financial sector and government financial policies, we went to visit the group SIH, a Saic – Iveco joint venture. It was a great opportunity to see how a big Italian company entered the Chinese market and to understand how it succeeded in managing relations with the territory and the workers.

While coming back, we had an unbelievable experience: in the middle of the ring road the bus took the wrong direction and make “retromarcia”. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh!!! Streets are like a jungle here!! At dinner time (and dinner time here means six o’clock) we decided to go in a luxurious restaurant to eat the famous Pekinese Duck: it was delicious even if we didn’t expect its head and tongue on the table. At the end of the dinner, we got a “certificate” that we ate an authentic top level duck!

At last we had a coffee at Starbucks. This shop is placed on the top of a amazing building that represents a traditional building of an old Chinese village (to tell the truth the style of the building is a little bit trashy). The palace and the skyline on the river are very beautiful, here pictures for you!

This day was very intense, never stopping and exciting at the same tame. Thanks to Chong Qing and its beautiful people.

Federica e Valentina

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