martedì 20 luglio 2010

Monday, 19th July 2010

What a Monday everyone!!!

What’s best to start your first day of school with a good Chinese breakfast with hot noodles and a cup of green tea??

Lidia and me, your guides for today’s blog, are pleased to welcome you to our great adventure; come to discover China with us! You’ll find that to follow this path you’ll need to put in your rucksack some unforgettable “tools” like patience, a bit of courage, a spoon of passion and thirst for discovery….and obviously a good Chinese dictionary (personal suggestion :D).

After having met our ancestor Marco Polo (as the first Italian to reach this land) during our “cross cultural communication lesson” we went to a typical “street restaurant” where we built a long table by using plastic chairs and small desks of wood, along the pavement.
Don’t be afraid; appearance is deceiving. In fact as soon as we sat down two men came and invited us to choose a dish; they were so kind and thoughtful that they nearly sent away other people to make us space. We ate a delicious fried rice with vegetables (Lidia even learnt to use chopsticks!!) and scramble egg. Some of us tried instead a kind of pasta sunk in a hot soup; the right plate for days with 95% humidity.

Later on we had to prepare some songs to perform at the evening party that Chongqing University had arranged that evening for us !! We decided to create a choir and to sing our anthem and “Oh bella ciao”. It was a big success even if we improvise, so proud to have create a perfect sound in so small time !!

Chinese students also performed with typical dancing and paintbrush writing. We also played with them at“loose your seat”and we did lots of pics. We enjoyed it so much and we laugh till crying. They firstly helped us to break the ice and then they taught us that the best way to get in contact with people is to share habits and culture!!

Here we are now (23.30 p.m.) relaxing on our bed making you part of this fantastic first day….but as Marco Polo said….

…. “we have told the half of what we saw…..” be continued…

your foreign correspondents

Fede e Lidia