venerdì 23 luglio 2010

Friday, 23rd July 2010

WEEK-END in the “becoming new capital”; CHENGDU with us !

Today early alarm was set at 6.30 a.m. ; our beloved driver was waiting for us at the main gate ready to leave for ChongQingBei station. The planning for the next three days consists in a journey to another growing city of the heart of Western China, Chengdu in the Province of Sichuan.

For the first time, after the introduction of the fine for the people arriving late at the bus in the morning (the fine consists of having a plate of “niu rou mian” - a kind of boiling noodle soup made of garlic, pepper and several other spices - as a breakfast), nobody's late!!!

The train left at 9.10 a.m. after a long queue for the “check-in” and the “gate call”.
Have you ever considered to travel by train in China??? Smoke, dust, humidity and confusion are the last things you're gonna find!! We jumped on an high-speed super-technological train which drove us to Chengdu in just 2 hours.

Once arrived we faced a rainy day with 75% humidity; funny combo!!

Mr. Zen is our Chengdu guide: an incredible guy that has just spent his last month by serving Médecins Sans Frontieres as an interpreter in Darfour.
He picked us up and then drove us to the campus; we are now writing from a magnificient and CLEAN room after a commercial-touristic multidishes meal.

In the afternoon we are paying visit to EUPIC (European Union Project Innovation Centre) a non-profit organization committed to sustainable development in Asia.

After a short break to have a shower we will probably pop in downtown to have dinner and a relaxing walk throughout the streets of this incredible city!!

That's all for today...lets' keep in touch with tomorrow adventure!!
Tomorrow we will have a nice surprise for you!!! :D

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